Reliable sources for COVID-19 information

August 19, 2020


Count on the CDC, WHO and your local public health experts.

In recent months, we’ve all been bombarded with information about COVID-19. But the problem is that much of what’s being reported in the news or online isn’t correct. You also need to be wary of what you see on social media and hear from family and friends.

Because of this, we advise relying on the following sources for accurate information:

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • The World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Your local public health department

All are committed to saving lives and protecting people from health threats. All also provide reliable, up-to-date information about steps you should be taking at any given time to protect yourself.

But even when you’re getting information from reliable sources, it’s still easy to feel overwhelmed. If that’s true for you, take a news break for a day or two. Instead, focus on activities that lift your spirits, including connecting with family and friends.

If you don’t want to talk about the virus, that’s fine. Just change the subject or make it clear that you want to talk about something else. The goal is to take a break and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.