Getting tested for COVID-19

August 19, 2020


Ask your doctor if a test is right for you.

Many people are interested in getting tested for COVID-19 right now. If you’re among them, remember that the number of tests is limited, especially in areas where COVID-19 cases are on the rise.

Given this, if you’re thinking about being tested, talk with your doctor first. Tests are best reserved for people who have symptoms or who may have exposed to the virus by someone who tested positive.

Even if you don’t have symptoms of COVID-19, keep following public health guidelines. These include wearing a mask in public, staying six feet away from others and washing your hands frequently.

Also bear in mind that if you do get tested, a negative result doesn’t mean you can’t get the virus. It just means you don’t have it now. In short, whether or not you get tested, continue to take precautions and be safe.