If you have a chronic condition (such as diabetes or asthma) we have specially trained medical experts who can partner with your doctor to help you set and achieve your personal health goals. Our Care Coaches can also help you with care planning and understanding your options when you receive a new diagnosis. If you feel you need a Care Coach, talk to your doctor for more information on how to get one or call your Care Navigator.

Case Management
Understanding the many aspects of one’s care is quite challenging. Monarch offers you access to nurses who will work with you, in conjunction with your personal physician, to help you understand your medications, lifestyle changes that will benefit you, and allow you to take charge of your health care.

Hospitalist Program
Monarch has a team of highly skilled hospitalists, who are specially trained physicians working in many of Orange County’s hospitals. Available around the clock, Monarch’s hospitalists are highly skilled at caring for hospitalized patients in complex situations. They work in conjunction with your personal doctor to ease your transition back to your home or the next level of care. A case manager will assist you by coordinating medications, equipment needs, and follow up appointments.

Anti-Coagulation Program
Some patients with certain conditions require medications to thin the blood. These medications require close monitoring with intermittent blood tests. Our medical team tracks and monitors these tests and works with your personal physician to adjust medications as needed.

Homebound Care Program
In the unfortunate case that you are seriously injured or ill and unable to travel to the doctor’s office, Monarch has a program available where a physician can come visit you in your home and help coordinate care with your personal physician.