When it comes to making decisions about your health, sometimes a little extra help goes a long way. The MonarchCares® Program gives you extra support and provides a variety of information to help you get the most value out of your healthcare.

Health Tips and Information

In partnership with your personal doctor, Monarch is committed to supporting you in achieving your health goals – whether they be maintaining your good health, living with a chronic illness or just making positive changes to improve your overall health. We understand the relationship between good health and a higher quality of life and so our goal is for you to get the most value from your health care experience.

The most important things you can do to stay healthy are:

  • See your Personal Doctor at least once a year
  • Get all recommended screening tests and vaccines
  • Be tobacco free
  • Be physically active
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Take preventive medicines if recommended by your personal physician

During your next visit with your doctor, take the time to discuss preventive health guidelines. If you have ongoing health issues, special needs, or if certain conditions run in your family, talk with your doctor about a plan that works best for you.

Chronic and Preventative Care Reminders

Preventive Care Reminders: Based upon your age and gender, various medical tests and vaccines are recommended by health care experts to help prevent disease and screen for early signs of illness. In conjunction with your personal physician, Monarch may send you periodic reminders regarding these very important items. Examples include: mammograms, colonoscopy, vaccinations, etc. We urge you to play an active role in working to improve your health by reviewing these reminders and getting the recommended tests and vaccines.

Chronic Care Reminders: Patients living with chronic conditions like diabetes, require a number of expert-recommended screening tests to monitor their status. Monarch, in partnership with your doctor will send you periodic reminders regarding these very important tests.