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Need to talk to a nurse about a medical problem? Most health plans offer a nurse advice line 24/7. Below are numbers for common plans in your area. You can also find the number on your plan member ID card.

Health plan Toll-free number Members with hearing or speech impairments 
Aetna®  1-800-556-1555  TTY 711 
Anthem Blue Cross  1-800-224-0336 TTY 711 
Blue Shield of California  1-877-304-0504  TTY 711 
OneCare (HMO SNP)  1-844-447-8441 1-844-514-3774 
OneCare Connect Cal MediConnect Plan  1-844-447-8441 1-844-514-3774
Cigna  1-800-986-9949 TTY 711 
Health Net™  1-800-893-5597 TTY 711 
Humana (Humana First)  1-800-322-2758 TTY 711 
MDLIVE 1-888-993-4087 TTY 711 
UnitedHeathcare® (Medicare Advantage)  1-866-747-4325 TTY 711 
UnitedHeathcare® West  1-866-747-4325 TTY 711 
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