Blood pressure

Checked at every well-care visit starting at age 3.


Sexually active girls need an annual Chlamydia test.

Head circumference

Measured at every well-care visit between birth and 2 years.


An audiogram is performed at birth, between ages 3 and 5, and at each preventive care visit, as recommended by your doctor, from birth to age 17.

Height and weight

Measured at every well-care visit; starting at age 3, body mass index(BMI) may also be calculated to help determine if your child is at a healthy weight.


Checked once at age 3 and at every well-care visit between ages 4 and 17, based on your doctor's judgment.

Additional tests

Your doctor will let you know if your child needs additional tests for problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol, tuberculosis, anemia, or lead exposure.